“Where words fail, music speaks.”
-Hans Christian Anderson

For over twenty years, Sally Heckelman has been using singing as a teaching tool throughout the Maryland metro area. Sally strongly believes that even the youngest children benefit from early exposure to music. “Music can be the spark that ignites all areas of development-intellectual, social and emotional, motor, language and overall literacy,” Heckelman said recently.

Music is a great way to engage young children because it is already an enjoyable part of their everyday lives. In fact, on Sally's most recent CD, Put a Smile on Your Face, her melodies and lyrics can rouse even the grumpiest of sleepy children into getting ready for school! “Sally's music is energizing and full of fun, encouraging all who listen to join in and sing along,” confirms Jackie Land, Director of Educational Resources, Board of Jewish Education of Greater Washington. “Music helps many children break information down into easily remembered pieces or associate it with previously known information,” states The Learning Revolution.

The concept of using music to teach is not new. As we know, many young children learn to recite the alphabet by singing the ABC's, and nearly all of educational television for young children uses a lot of music in their programming. Sally knows this firsthand. She teaches music at several local preschools and religious schools and leads workshops for teachers. Sally also practices what she teaches. She includes the neighborhood children, the Daffodils, on each of her releases. The children, ranging in age from 3 to 17, clearly enjoy singing with Sally. Sally feels it too. “Singing with children gives me such fulfillment!” confirms Sally. Sally's CDs create an environment in which everyone wants to sing. Parents, grandparents, and older siblings—all join in. “Whether in the car or around the dinner table, my whole family loves to sing along with Sally. Her lively tunes are not only educational, they're fun!” shares Rabbi Jonah Layman of Shaare Tefila Congregation in Silver Spring, MD.

In addition to producing her own CDs and teaching, Sally is an energetic, vibrant performer. Sally, a trained social worker and mother of four, is the entire package! Her infectious smile will have you tapping your feet and singing along in no time. Bring Sally's music into your home and it will enrich your family's spirit. Bring her music into your classroom and it will enhance your child's education.

Order your CDs today to get the music started in your school or home! To order either of Sally's releases, Tap Your Feet to a Jewish Beat or Put a Smile on Your Face simply contact Sally by email at sallydaffodil@gmail.com or call 301.649.7042.